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Oklahoma City Midwives Providing Experienced Birthing Care

Missed period? Feeling nauseous? Two distinct pink lines on one (or multiple) EPTs? Call the midwife! No, I don’t mean the series; I mean an authentic health professional specializing in normal pregnancies, childbirth, and newborns. These professional Oklahoma City midwives are ready to guide and empower you through pregnancy and delivery like supportive friends. 

3 Oklahoma City Midwives Offering Compassionate Delivery Care & Support

A Mother’s Love Midwifery

Yvonne Silbernagel, LMCPM, MBC, is passionate about support, informed choices, and communication. As your midwife, she encourages your active participation in your and your baby’s care during your prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum stages. She aims to empower you with information so you can make informed choices and confidently create goals and your birthing plan.

Your prenatal visits will follow routine scheduling and be an opportunity to get to know one another while monitoring your and your baby’s health. You will also get to know her assistants of highly trained doulas with specific training to work as a midwife’s assistant.

When it’s time for your home birth, there is no set plan, as each delivery is unique and takes its own path. After your baby arrives, she will schedule periodic postpartum visits to ensure you and the baby are thriving. For more information about her and her assistants, check out their website.

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Taryn Goodwin CPM, LM APPA-C, certified lactation consultant, co-owner of Oklahoma City Birth, and founder of Thrive Mama Collective in the Plaza District, is a highly dedicated and compassionate midwife. She believes in providing inclusive modern holistic midwifery care to combat the injustice she has seen in the modern healthcare system.

While holistic is her usual approach, she has aided in many birth styles:

  • medicated and unmedicated,
  • medically necessary cesarean sections,
  • inductions,
  • birth center delivery,
  • home births, and
  • water births.

When it comes to helping families have a positive and supported pregnancy and birthing experience, she gives 100% dedication and support to her clients.

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Labor Of Love Midwifery

Charlee Lacy, MSN, CNM, has been serving home-birthing families for over 20 years and cherishes each birth like it’s the first. She believes every woman should feel like an expert in caring for their body, especially during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Charlee aims to support and empower each individual while creating a nurturing atmosphere with every visit.

She uses a standard prenatal schedule:

  • Monthly visits until 28 weeks,
  • Bi-weekly visits until 36 weeks,
  • A home visit at 36 weeks, and then
  • Weekly visits until your baby arrives.

When labor begins, she and an assistant will quietly support you at home or a birth center and continue to monitor you and the baby.

When your baby arrives and you are both stable, they will set up routine postpartum care to ensure you are both thriving. You can connect with her online to begin your pregnancy and labor support today.

Oklahoma City Midwives

These Oklahoma City midwives will enhance your birthing experience with support, evidence-based information, and expert guidance. Their dedication to their services ensures genuine compassion and experienced knowledge you’ll appreciate throughout your pregnancy.

Much like a midwife guiding you, I love helping guide Oklahoma City mothers through this city. So check out more of my work and other helpful tips below! But be sure to reach out today to chat about your dream photo session!

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