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Oklahoma City Toy Stores for Specially Curated Products

Building blocks, riding bikes, doll houses, and more make up the best memories we have from childhood! One of the great parts about being a kid is being able to play all day long. Whether you are looking for outside toys, educational toys, or the perfect gift for a little one in your life, these Oklahoma City toy stores have something for everyone! 

Oklahoma City Toy Stores Offering Unique Items Your Little One Will Love 

Learning Tree

Learning Tree is an Oklahoma City toy store that has provided specialty toys for all ages since 1985. What makes Learning Tree different is that they seek out toys, games, and activities that best match the developmental milestones of each child’s age from birth to teenagers.

The owners of Learning Tree are Montessori teachers and parents. They realize that parents today want the best for their child’s development and growth, not just what they see in a TV toy commercial. The store is unique because it is designed to sell specific products based on your child’s developmental age. 

They have a section for infants, toddlers, and early elementary school that includes: 

  • toys, 
  • games, 
  • puzzles, and 
  • manipulative activities to help your little ones enhance their motor, reading, and thinking skills. 

Other sections include: 

  • trains, 
  • dolls, 
  • dollhouses, 
  • puppets and puppet theaters, 
  • stuffed animals, 
  • costumes, 
  • collectible horses, 
  • tricycles and outdoor toys, 
  • construction and building toys, 
  • arts and crafts, 
  • puzzles, 
  • books and 
  • science activities. 

You can conveniently shop online or in the store, as they are constantly getting new inventory that they specifically sought out for the benefit of your little one. So, stop in the store or browse online anytime you like! 

A young girl wearing a beige dress and matching bow plays with a playhouse in a studio

Kidoodles Toy Zone

Kidoodles Toy Zone is an Oklahoma toy store that has been open since 2009. The store carries quality toys, games, puzzles, dolls, books, and much more. They strive to create unique relationships with each customer that walks through the door, and they will ensure that you find the perfect toy or game for your little one. 

Some of the brands that you will expect to find at Kidoodles Toy Zone include: 

  • Lego, 
  • Melissa and Doug, 
  • Bruder, 
  • Brio, 
  • Corolle and Adora Dolls, 
  • EzyRoller, 
  • Swurfer, 
  • B4Adventure, 
  • Mattel, 
  • Fisher Price and 
  • so much more! 

You can shop in the store or online. They even offer a birthday registry so you can bring your little one in, and they can register for their birthday party for exactly what they want. How awesome is that? There are no duplicate gifts, and you will know your little ones will love everything they receive.

They also offer complimentary gift wrapping for everything that you take home. Kidoodles Toy Zone’s inventory is always changing whether you shop online or in the store. Check them out, as you will always find something new and exciting. 

A mother and daughter sit on the floor of a studio while playing with a large dollhouse oklahoma city toy stores

Oklahoma City Toy Stores

Toys are a staple in your little one’s life; as they grow, their tastes and likes change just as much as they do. There are so many Oklahoma City toy stores that offer toys for kids and adults of all ages, be sure to check them out today! 

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