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Swaddle OKC for The Cutest Quality Children’s Clothing Boutique

Babies and children’s clothing can sometimes be too cute, but have you ever walked into a store and fallen in love with everything they have? If you haven’t, it’s time to visit Swaddle OKC! Finding quality clothing designed to last while maintaining that precious classic baby charm of fun patterns and beautiful colors seems harder with the generic big box stores. When you shop at Swaddle OKC, you know you’re getting something you and your little one will adore. 

About Swaddle OKC

This mother-owned and operated boutique with a passion that slowly bloomed for Rachel Wood when her first baby was due and about to change their world.

While living in Birmingham, Alabama in 2013 for her husband’s job, their family was blessed with the promise of their first child. Rachel LOVED shopping in person to see and feel the quality clothing her baby could wear. When she found Swaddle, she knew that was what her baby had to wear when they were born, and she made true to her vision.

She loved the designs, material, and quality they had available and that it was made to last, making it easy to pass items down to the next child. 

In 2017 they moved back to their home state Oklahoma, where they were happy to be among old friends and family. However, Rachel missed the opportunity of shopping local boutiques for her children, and online shopping didn’t offer the same experience she craved.

When she reached out to her first and favorite boutique clothing shop, Swaddle, owned by Marissa and Emily, they encouraged her to open her own and BE the boutique she needed. 

She set straight to work with lots of support. Eventually, Rachel opened a Swaddle of her own in 2020 in Wilshire Village at 7636 N Western Avenue.

A mother in a patterned dress sits on a bed holding her newborn baby while her older daughter hugs the newborn swaddle okc


Each item in this children’s boutique is carefully curated to meet the high standards they have in place. You can expect quality baby and children’s clothing, accessories, and more that are timeless. This adorable boutique’s clothing can pass down to the next little one without looking out of date.

From wardrobe enhancements to complete outfits, their variety of styles and brands can cover the next closet update from those pesky growth spurts. Swaddle has a variety of classic, fun, unique, and absolutely precious apparel that lets your little one’s personality and smile shine.


Whether you need apparel for a little one, something gender-neutral, accessories, shoes, or the perfect gift that you can’t find in your big box stores, Swaddle has everything! Swaddle offers in-store shopping, but you can also conveniently shop online and do in-store pickup. How convenient is that!

Swaddle OKC

Swaddle OKC is more than a children’s boutique; it’s the experience of shopping we all crave as mothers. Finding your go-to store where you know you will find items you and your little one love is like hitting the shopping lottery. When you find that it has quality products that pass that cuteness check and is local?! It’s a shopping jackpot. 

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