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A young boy walks with his mother and older sister holding him up in a park downtown okc splash pad

Downtown OKC Splash Pad Locations for Cool Summer Fun

Splash pads are fun places to cool off and enjoy water fun on hot summer days. Children of all ages can jump, walk, and dance in various water features of all shapes and designs. There are many spots in the downtown Oklahoma City area where families can splash and play. Find your downtown OKC splash pad with a fun, safe spot to cool off.

3 Downtown OKC Splash Pads to Cool Off & Have Fun During Those Hot Summer Days

Myriad Botanical Gardens

301 W. Reno

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City includes water features on the outdoor grounds open daily for families to enjoy. Thunder Fountain is open daily, mornings and evenings, next to the Children’s Garden. The Seasonal Water Plaza is also open daily beside the Park House Events Center. These water features include artistic designs, fountains, and plenty of space to run around and get wet! 

Families must abide by the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ rules for outdoor water features. Kids must be under adult supervision at all times, babies and toddlers must use swim diapers, and children should wear water shoes for adequate foot protection as they run around and play. Additionally, no food or drinks are allowed at the splash pads, no water toys are allowed in the fountain area, and dogs are not allowed in the water features. This is a great space to relax and cool off on warm days!

A mother holds and plays with her toddler son on her hip while standing in a garden with her older daughter

Scissortail Sprayground

300 SW 7th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Scissortail Sprayground in Oklahoma City is open daily to the public and is an excellent place for kids of all ages to play and cool off on hot days. This free splash pad is fun for families to enjoy together. All kids must be under adult supervision at all times, and all small children must be in swim diapers. 

Furthermore, no glass containers or alcoholic beverages are permitted at the Sprayground, and food and drinks are prohibited. For sanitary reasons, pets may not go in the water features. Kids can splash and play but avoid running in the water.

The Scissortail Sprayground features large jets with wind sensors to ensure that they run effectively. Kids can walk through the towering black tubes as they spray water onto the ground below. For families that want to continue the outdoor adventure, the Boathouse includes a variety of kayaks and boats to rent for more water fun.

A young boy plays in a garden in grey knit overalls downtown okc splash pad

Duffner Splash Pad

10801 Victoria Place

The Village, OK 73120

Duffner Splash Pad is a large splash pad with the “super splash” as its main attraction, including a custom bucket with the Love’s logo. Other features of this splash pad also include a bucket trio, three spray loops, a water tunnel, sun spray, three water cannons, an aqua dome, and numerous ground sprays. 

This splash pad is open May through September and is optimal for kids ages 3 through 12. Moreover, this fun splash pad includes benches and picnic tables that are covered and shaded, making this the perfect spot for families to relax and cool off on a warm summer day.

Downtown OKC Splash Pad

These three downtown OKC splash pads provide families fun, interactive, safe spaces to cool off on warm summer days. Beat the heat by walking, climbing, and exploring splash pads with water features sure to wow kids of all ages. Even babies and toddlers can enjoy cooling off in the refreshing water that spurts out of the ground. Splash pads are the perfect destination for family fun during the warm summer months. 

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