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Quality Childcare for Your Little Ones at Liddle Kiddles OKC!

Quality childcare programs provide physical, mental, and emotional care for the whole child. At Liddle Kiddles in OKC, kids can grow and thrive in a safe, encouraging, fun environment where they are provided with countless activities and learning experiences. Liddle Kiddles has programs for infants through age 12, and all kids can grow and learn at this quality childcare center. 

About Liddle Kiddles OKC

1205 SW 25th Street

OKC, OK 73109

Liddle Kiddles Nursery and Daycare is an integral part of the OKC community, serving families in the area since 1991. This 2-star childcare center features many amenities, including USDA-approved meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner), transportation to and from schools in the area, CPR and first aid certified teachers, ongoing education for teachers, and educational field trips for school-aged kids. 

The program is directed by Darlene Breeden and Andrea Mitchell, who strive to get to know every child and welcome all families to the center, modeling good behavior and compassionate treatment of one another. All staff members at Liddle Kiddles take the time to care for each child as if they are their own, making sure all kids can grow and thrive in a high-quality environment. 

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Liddle Kiddles has programs for kids of all ages and stages, from infants to school-aged kids. The infant program caters to each child’s needs individually, with a focus on daily routines, storytime, music, art projects, fine and gross motor activities, tummy time, and plenty of interaction with teachers. The toddler program helps foster a child’s growing vocabulary and sense of expression through flashcards, picture books, and many activities that focus on words and their meanings. Toddlers have designated areas of play throughout the classroom and lots of materials to explore. 

The two-year-old program continues to focus on language development and cognitive skills. Teachers use a variety of methods to encourage kids to communicate effectively. Cognitive skills build through stimulating activities and learning stations throughout the classroom. Fine and gross motor skills are encouraged through independent feeding, walking, jumping, and balancing. Physical activity is built into daily tasks!

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Liddle Kiddles cares for children up to school-aged elementary students. Kids ages 5-12 can enjoy a variety of educational adventures. The Summer Program is a place where kids can have fun, make friends, and also continue learning. Their program contains less structure than the younger classes. Additionally, students have more freedom to choose what activities they want to do. 

At Liddle Kiddles, school-aged children can practice art and science while exploring and learning about the world around them. School-aged kids can enjoy trips to the OKC Zoo, learn about science at the Omniplex, and encounter many other ways to learn during the summer program, all while having a fun time. 

Liddle Kiddles OKC

From flashcards to field trips, Liddle Kiddles OKC provides countless activities for kids of all ages and stages to help them learn and grow. All programs foster kids’ sense of learning and wonder while giving them plenty of opportunities to have fun. From infancy through age 12, kids can grow and thrive at Liddle Kiddles because they engage in activities and experiences that set them up for a lifetime of academic success. 

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