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Max Mamas in Norman for Environmentally Friendly Baby Items!

Being a conscious shopper can be a little tricky when you’re a parent. You want to make sure you’re finding responsibly-made products for your baby, and at times, it can feel like an exhausting journey. It’s even harder when you’re just starting out and have no idea where to look. Luckily, Max Mamas in Norman, Oklahoma is here to make it all a little bit easier. This adorable shop is stocked with amazing products you’ll feel good supporting! 

About Max Mamas

Max Mamas is a store that was started by Dr. Jill DeLong. Since graduating in 2013, Jill has worked as a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor. She’s passionate about helping moms and babies have the healthiest life possible, and it shines through every corner of the store. The boutique specializes in carrying toxin-free, eco-friendly products. Their goal is not to judge but rather to educate. They want to make sure they’re empowering you to make decisions that will help your family now without any regrets later. And while the store might seem like your average baby boutique, they operate with moms in mind. Whether they’re helping you find supportive bands for your growing belly or working with you to find therapeutic essential oils, Max Mamas will make sure you feel prioritized! You can check out this fabulous woman-run store at 2214 Tecumseh Drive in Norman. 

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Max Mamas has tons of excellent baby products that will leave your little one feeling great! The shop sells cute clothing from brands such as Angel Dear and Birdie Bean. None of the clothing is treated with harsh chemicals, and you can count on the fabric being a perfect match for even the most sensitive skin. You’ll find both disposable and cloth diapers that will protect your baby’s bottom. They sell all the gear you could need, including car seats, strollers, and high chairs. You can even buy engaging books and fun toys to help your baby’s development. 

The store has everything a modern mom could need! You’ll be able to get environmentally-friendly household products as well as lotion that will keep your skin feeling soft. The store has some of the best diaper bags so you can carry your Max Mamas goods while still looking stylish. You can also order customizable goods so you have the perfect gift for all your mom friends! 

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Max Mamas regularly hosts events that let you build up your village while getting some helpful relaxation. From the community play dates at the Play Pit in Norman to their annual MamaFest created to give you all the information you need for parenthood, they constantly have a calendar full of exciting events you and your kiddo will adore! 

Max Mamas

If you’ve been looking for a shop that will help you make responsible purchases, check out Max Mamas in Norman. This amazing store has a wonderful selection of consciously-made products for you and your baby. 

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