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Know Your Child is in Good Hands With Mother’s Day Out OKC

You love your child and want the very best for them. While sometimes this means reading endless stories and playing make-believe, other times, it looks like scheduling a break for yourself so you can recharge. Mother’s Day Out programs are perfect for parents who need a regular pause. Not only will you get a chance to catch your breath, but it also lets your child create lasting friendships while learning in a brand-new atmosphere! If you’ve considered using a Mother’s Day Out OKC program, here’s a rundown of some of the best! 

4 Mother’s Day Out OKC Programs That Let You Relax Knowing Your Child Is In Good Hands

Southpointe Church

Southpointe Church provides a Mother’s Day Out program for children ages 1-3. Your child will hear engaging lessons on topics such as the alphabet three days a week. They’ll also hear Bible stories centered around God’s love for them. At the age of 4, kids can start on their Pre-K programs. These lessons focus on preparing children for elementary school. For around 5 hours a day, your child will make crafts and participate in activities designed to let them learn and grow.

Spring Creek Baptist Church

Spring Creek Baptist Church offers a program for children starting at six weeks of age. The center abides by DHS regulations, so you can ensure your child gets the attention they deserve! The program has a structured weekly curriculum weaving informative lessons with engaging Bible stories. The church has flexible options. You can choose whatever days you need and send your child for 2-5 days a week.

First Baptist Church of Midwest City

First Baptist Church of Midwest City has many childcare options, including its Mother’s Day Out program. The MDO provides care for children starting at eight weeks and going up to the Pre-K stage. The program meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you can choose whether you want to do a half-day or a full-day. While you can enroll your child ahead of time, the church provides drop-in options as long as space is available. They also have summertime Kid’s Day Out programs and monthly Parents’ Night Out options.

Christ the King Catholic Church

Christ the King Catholic Church offers Mother’s Day Out programs on Mondays and Wednesdays. Your child will watch videos, complete crafts, and engage in creative play. The programs go for five hours and are available for children ages six weeks to three years. The church provides first priority to parishioners but offers additional slots to anyone within the community. They rely on parent volunteers and invite you to participate periodically.

Mother’s Day Out OKC

Whether you want to catch up on chores or your favorite Netflix series, a Mother’s Day Out OKC program is an excellent option for your family! You can relax knowing your child is having fun while developing essential skills.

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