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Spend Time With Your Little One at Mommy and Me Classes OKC

Mommy and Me Classes OKC are a fantastic way for moms (and dads!) to learn, explore, and play alongside their babies! Whether it’s fitness, music, or gymnastics, Oklahoma City has plenty of opportunities for grown-ups and little ones to spend time together. Check out some of these great spots right here! 

Mommy and Me Classes OKC For Special Bonding With Your Child!


FIT4MOM is the leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program in the country, providing a community of moms with a network of like-minded women looking for a way to get a workout in with their kiddos! Per their website, “From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit.” A great workout class is Stroller Strides. This class is a total-body workout with strength, cardio, and core, all while engaging your little one in a stroller! Another great class is Stroller Barre. This class is a stroller workout that improves your posture, stability, and mobility while strengthening your muscles.

Furthermore, they offer Strides 360. This class is about increasing your endurance and speed to sprint through mom life! Join a class to get your sweat on, bond with your baby, and make new friends! 

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Ginger’s Music

Ginger’s Music of Oklahoma City is a fun and engaging way to introduce your child to music. Additionally, Ginger’s Music helps them learn social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development skills! Their program “provides dedicated time each week to bond with your child, free from distractions, and watch them grow into a confident, independent and expressive young person.” They offer classes for every age level, including baby, toddler, preschool, and beyond! These classes give you a chance to make music with your child, all while spending some critical bonding time to make memories and play! 

Metro Gymnastics

Metro Gymnastics is dedicated to each child’s physical and emotional development and helping every child discover a greater sense of self-esteem. They have two separate gymnastics facilities in the same building. They offer parent-child classes that are an excellent opportunity for grown-ups and kids to spend time together. Their Mini-Mights courses explore basic gymnastics skills, including being inverted, weightless, heights, balance, depth perception, gripping power, individual space, and sharing. The program, while physical, is also rooted in positive reinforcement and fun!! 

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Musical Me

Musical Me in Oklahoma City proudly offers Kindermusik International’s award-winning and holistic curriculum! Their classes help start children on a path to lifelong music appreciation and learning, empowering them through play, music, and dance! Classes are for both child and parent. Together, you will cuddle, bounce, and bop with age-appropriate activities. These activities help you strengthen your bond with your baby and further understand your baby’s development. You’ll get to play with instruments, dance, and explore – and leave with expert advice and parenting resources! 

Mommy and Me Classes OKC

Suppose you are looking for a musical experience or a way to get your kid tumbling and rolling. In that case, Mommy and Me Classes OKC are a fantastic way to get moving and grooving! Add one to your schedule soon to see for yourself!

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