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Personalized Birth Support With Courtney Gillaspia at Okie Babies

While parenting might take a village, few people tell you how to build up the community you need. Modern parenthood can be a very isolating experience, and it can be hard to handle pregnancy and delivery on your own. This is why doulas have become more popular over the years. Rather than provide medical assistance, doulas serve on your team as a professional coach. They’ll support you, affirm you, walk you through different natural pain relief methods, and more. If you’ve been feeling pregnancy anxiety, I’d love to tell you about Courtney Gillaspia at Okie Babies and why I think she’s about to be your new bestie!

About Okie Babies

Okie Babies was started in 2019 by Courtney Gillaspia. Courtney started working as a doula to give parents the support they needed throughout pregnancy and delivery. When she says she supports all birth styles, she means it! She provides judgment-free assistance whether you’re going unmedicated in a tub at your home or plan to get an epidural the second you walk through that hospital door. 

Over the past several years, Courtney has grown her practice while growing her own family. She knows firsthand how precious this season is in your life and wants to ensure you have a positive birth experience! 

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At Okie Babies, Courtney works primarily as a birth doula. Throughout your pregnancy, you can rely on her to give you evidence-based information to make choices that work best for your family. Courtney will do everything to ensure you feel prepared for labor. She’ll provide a thorough education to ensure you know exactly what to expect. 

She’ll also work with you to create a birth plan for your labor. Once those contractions start, she’ll be by your side as soon as possible! She’ll be your advocate and ensure your birth plan is honored. Following labor, she can assist with facilitating breastfeeding. You’ll receive emotional assistance throughout the early postpartum days and can call her for any advice. 

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On top of her doula services, Courtney wants to ensure you have all the additional help you need. She’ll give you a preferred provider list, and when you use any of her recommendations, she’ll give you a discount on her own services. 

She also provides placenta encapsulation, childbirth education, and lactation consultations to help you through any difficulties in your breastfeeding journey. With her assistance, you’ll have connections to help you with every aspect of early parenthood. 

Okie Babies

Pregnancy can be such a daunting time in your life, but with the proper assistance, you’ll feel ready to tackle it. Check out Courtney Gillaspia at Okie Babies so you can have a fabulous coach for your pregnancy and delivery.

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