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The Nest OKC for Incredible Ultrasounds From the Beginning

Everybody loves a good mystery, whether listening to the newest episode of your favorite serial podcast or flipping through a novel full of twists and turns. While these puzzles are the perfect way to spend an afternoon, mysteries get a little less fun when we’re at the center. Pregnancy is essentially nine months full of wading through the unknown and trying to find any clue possible. Does the movement at night mean they’ll be terrible sleepers? Are those constant hiccups going to happen once they’re out of the womb? Is your baby going to have your eyes? Your partner’s nose? While some of these questions must remain mysteries until our little one is born, we have the technology to see them up close. If you’ve been feeling antsy about meeting your little one, I’d love to tell you all about The Nest OKC! This excellent ultrasound clinic is here to let you meet your baby well before your due date. 

About The Nest OKC

Angela Riggs, an Oklahoma City sonographer, started the Nest OKC. Since the very beginning, Angela has been passionate about helping moms get to meet their babies. She approaches each day at her job with the excitement and compassion necessary to make your appointment stand out. 

Angela has been pretty innovative when it comes to her ultrasounds. She provides HD ultrasounds and 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds. She provides these out of three spaces and a mobile clinic that comes to you. The business was nominated for an OKC Family Favorite Award. Angela had to put the business on pause in 2022 due to her breast cancer diagnosis. Still, after finally ringing the bell in May 2023, she’s excited to return!

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The Nest OKC provides incredible ultrasounds from the very beginning of pregnancy. Angela is a mother herself and knows how meaningful these appointments are for every parent. She’s there to be your cheerleader and provide support throughout. You’ll get a more high-tech look at your baby as you progress. 

The office recommends these visits between 28-32 weeks but will provide them all the way up to the 38th week. During these appointments, you can invite as many friends and family members to see. They recommend that you schedule a visit a week out and drink 64 ounces of water each day leading up to it so your baby will be surrounded by plenty of fluid to help make the picture a little clearer. 

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One thing that sets The Nest OKC apart is its mobile option. Angela will come to you if you want the ultrasound performed at your house or party venue. She’ll simply need a place to set up her folding bed and ultrasound machine table. She’ll connect the machine via HDMI cable to a TV or projector so everyone can see! 

The Nest OKC

If you just can’t wait to see your little one’s face, check out The Nest OKC! This innovative office is dedicated to helping you meet your baby. 

Once you have pictures of your baby inside the womb, it’s time to schedule photos once they break free. I’m an Oklahoma City photographer who loves being there to help families celebrate their babies. I’m a mom myself and know how precious this season is. I want to give you gorgeous memories you’ll cherish forever! I’d love to connect if you’re considering booking photos for your baby! Contact me today to find out more.

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