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4 Locations to Assist With Placenta Encapsulation In OKC!

Placenta encapsulation is not a new practice. However, in recent years, this tradition has gained some attention in the public eye for its benefits. Encapsulation is a process that turns the placenta into pills that can be taken postpartum. The placenta is a vital organ that nourishes the fetus during pregnancy. In addition, it is believed to offer a variety of health benefits when consumed in a pill. Check out the top 4 best places to assist you with placenta encapsulation in OKC!

Top 4 Places For Placenta Encapsulation In OKC

Spirited Birth Services

Spirited Birth Services is home to Oklahoma’s first “Placenta Lady,” Taryn Goodwin. Taryn says consuming the placenta may give mom back all of the nutrients she was providing for her unborn baby. Her team has prepared over 2000 placentas for encapsulation and regularly hosts presentations on the pill’s benefits. Within a few days following your baby’s birth, the encapsulation process begins. The entire process is finished within 24-72 hours, and pills can be taken daily.

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Jenni Jenkins

Jenni Jenkins is a trusted placenta encapsulation specialist in OKC who offers her services to new mothers seeking the benefits of consuming their placenta. With expertise in the field, Jenni follows strict safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the highest quality encapsulation process. Her goal is to support postpartum recovery by providing women with placenta capsules that may potentially aid in hormone balance, energy levels, and emotional well-being. Jenni Jenkins is known for her professionalism and commitment to providing a positive experience for her clients in the realm of placenta encapsulation.

Holistic Birthing Services

Deanna Norris has trained and certified with the gold standard in Placenta Arts Specialists. Holistic Birthing Services has assisted with placenta encapsulation in Oklahoma City and surrounding cities including Edmond, Norman, Yukon, Stillwater, and Guthrie. With the growing demand of clients, this service has come up with a perfected method for these pills. In addition, you can choose add-ons for your pills. these include ginger, lemon, jalapeño, frankincense, and myrrh to aid healing. Other additions include flavored capsules, tinctures, prints, and a cord keepsake.

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Thrive Mama Collective

Thrive Mama Collective is a well-known practice that offers a wide range of services and resources for expectant moms. They provide a supportive community where women can access care and encapsulation services for after birth. Your baby’s placenta in the form of a pill is believed to offer many benefits such as:

  • Natural hormones
  • Balancing your system
  • Give you more energy
  • Lesses postnatal bleeding
  • Increase milk production
  • Prevent baby blues
  • & more!

For more information on encapsulation services with Thrive Mama Collective, you can email and set up a consultation.

Placenta Encapsulation In OKC

In conclusion, placenta encapsulation is a practice that has gained popularity among some new mothers in OKC. Additionally, discussing this practice with other mothers who have undergone placenta encapsulation can provide valuable insights and perspectives. Any one of these 4 locations for placenta encapsulation is a wonderful option in the area!

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