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A mother sits on a blanket with her young son and her toddler in her lap unpluggits okc

Engage Your Child in Imaginative Play at Unpluggits OKC!

One of the hardest things about the Oklahoma summers is finding a way to stay cool without losing your mind. When you have little kids, the relentless heat waves can make everybody feel a little restless. And while it might be tempting to reach for screens, there’s only so much Cocomelon you can tolerate in a day. If you’re looking for the perfect way to have fun indoors, I’d love to tell you all about Unpluggits Paint and Play in Oklahoma City. The unique Unpluggits OKC center engages your child’s mind while giving them a place to let loose! 

About Unpluggits in OKC

Unpluggits Paint & Play is a center in Edmond, Oklahoma devoted to giving kids a place to embrace their artistic side. Katrina Uhls, an Edmond mother, owns the center. Katrina has been incredibly thoughtful in the center’s design and layout. 

The shelves are down low so kids can easily reach them, and windows surround the playground so you can keep an eye on your child as they play. The center provides free WiFi if you need to get any work done. You’re also able to bring snacks and lunch. You can check out the center at 575 Enterprise Drive.  

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Products and Services

Unpluggits offers children tons of options for creating. Your child can choose a ceramic that they can make their own. From animal sculptures to mugs, your little one will find something they positively adore. The studio features easels for all ages so your child can paint picture after gorgeous picture. After they finish their project, they can check out the LEGO wall or the oversized Connect Four game in the middle of the studio. 

Right outside of the craft room is the giant indoor playground. The playground’s design caters to kids ages 1-10. Toddlers can explore the tree house while elementary-aged kids can scale the two-story-tall play structure. There’s also a pirate ship, an air hockey table, a train table, an air tube system, and waffle blocks. 

A mother sits on a bed with her young son hugging her and her toddler sitting in her lap


Unpluggits OKC isn’t just for the kids! The space regularly hosts adult-only paint nights. You can bring your own food and drinks and paint alongside your besties. If painting isn’t exactly your thing, you can try out their Silk Screen Socials instead. 

Unpluggits is the ideal place to host a birthday party! The center provides party packages so your child can bring their friends along and have an unforgettable time doing amazing projects. 

Unpluggits OKC

Unpluggits in OKC is a fabulous way to beat the summer heat! This incredible center is full of activities to keep your little one’s mind engaged! 

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