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Welcome to the Family Friendly Wheeler District in Oklahoma City

Welcome to Wheeler District! Located on the south banks of the Oklahoma River is the up-and-coming vibrant neighborhood with a testament to community-focused development. It offers a unique blend of modern amenities and a nod to history [formerly Downtown Airpark]. Wheeler District is quickly becoming a hotspot for Oklahoma City residents and visitors alike.

It is also the new home to Lacee Smith Photography! Yes, our studio is nestled in this amazing community in Oklahoma City and we are eager to show you around our new neighborhood [well, work neighborhood 😆]

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What is Wheeler District?

Wheeler District is a growing community in the heart of Oklahoma City. Can you imagine a city neighborhood with clean streets, biking and walking to school and dinner with your family? That is the goal and direction of Wheeler District- this neighborhood is the place to be in the big friendly city! With townhomes, houses, local businesses and dining options, spectacular skyline views, hybrid schools, and the iconic Ferris Wheel- you won’t want to miss what Wheeler District has to offer. 

Where exactly is Wheeler District?

Wheeler district is located on the south banks of the Oklahoma River. South of I-40 between Robinson and Pennsylvania. It is south of Scissortail Park and the Botanical Gardens of Oklahoma City. 

You can find Lacee Smith Photography in Wheeler District this fall at

1701 Spoke Street

Oklahoma City, OK


What is there to do at Wheeler District?

Wheeler District makes the perfect day out in the city! This community is different from any other part of OKC, come check it out!

Bring your friends, the kids, and even the dog. Start with a coffee from Clarity Coffee Company, a modern and inviting coffee shop renowned for its artisan brews. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Clarity Coffee serves a variety of coffees sourced from the finest beans, all brewed with meticulous care. Join your friends here to soak in the essence of community in the Wheeler District. We suggest you try a hot oatmeal latte or something unique like the espresso cream soda on a hot day!

Walk with your coffee through the neighborhood, pop into your local shops and businesses, and rest with a pint at The Big Friendly, an innovative and eccentric craft beer bus offering a variety of mouth-watering, locally-brewed beers. It presents an unconventional bar experience that allows guests to enjoy a fantastic selection of brews amidst the animated streetscape of the Wheeler District. [You might even find me there editing some photos 📸].

Once you’re hungry, plan to eat lunch at Taco Nation, you can’t go wrong with their Baja taco 🌮. They even have a playground outside for the littles to run out some energy while you sip and eat. They also have ping pong tables for a little lunchtime competition. 

Packing a picnic lunch and eating it in the grass area at the Ferris Wheel is another wonderful choice!

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Next up, Wheeler Ferris Wheel

Grab your tickets and take a spin on the  Wheeler Ferris Wheel! You can buy an all-day pass and go as many times as you want. Make sure to take a selfie with the beautiful city skyline balanced against the Oklahoma skies at the top! Bring a soccer ball or frisbee, relax in the hammocks, or just sit and enjoy the city scenery at the Ferris Wheel grass area. 

Ready to dive into the cycling culture of Wheeler District? Rent some bikes Ride OKC or even book one of their art, brewery, or cookie tours! They have bikes for the whole family 🚲This would make a great team-building day too.

Whether you are looking for a whole day out or a couple of hours of family fun, Wheeler District caters to all!

Other businesses you don’t want to miss

We have had the pleasure to meet and greet some of our business neighbors and here are a couple you won’t want to miss. Pop in and say hi or check out their websites!

With a commitment to quality and style, Thrown stands as a noteworthy design and wine boutique in the Wheeler District. This unique store presents a fusion of functional and design-driven environments, offering interior design and styling services tailored to the contemporary family. Inside Thrown, you’ll find an eclectic mix of homewares and globally sourced items, coupled with a thoughtfully curated selection of wines available by the bottle. This combination of design sophistication and culinary delight creates a distinct shopping experience that truly enriches the Wheeler District’s offerings.

Adding to the plethora of local businesses, Wheeler Med Spa is a vibrant medical spa in the heart of the district. Their highly skilled practitioners offer an array of personalized treatments designed to rejuvenate and enhance natural beauty. From luxurious facials to rejuvenating laser treatments, they offer a wide range of services that are tailored to meet each client’s unique need. This state-of-the-art spa reinforces Wheeler District’s commitment to wellness and self-care, contributing to the diverse amenities that make this community a truly engaging and holistic living space.

As this community develops, more businesses are being added. Make sure to keep your eye out on Wheeler District’s website to see what’s new!

Special Events

Wheeler District offers special events that are fun for the whole family! They host the Friday Night Farmers Market, a community event supporting local businesses that transforms the district into a lively, bustling space. From farm-fresh produce to handmade crafts, the market promotes local commerce, encouraging residents to support their local economy while enjoying a night out with the family [make sure to check out Floyd Farmstead’s spices, yum!], cycle festivals, theater presentations, photography events from me, and more!

Side note: dinner, the farmers market, and a spin on the ferris wheel at sunset would make a perfect date night!

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We are excited to see you check out Wheeler District. You will come to visit and all of a sudden want to join the neighborhood for yourself!

My hopes for Wheeler District [A note from Lacee]

newborn photographer in oklahoma city

As a new business in the Wheeler District, I already feel so welcomed by this dynamic community. I hope to preserve the essence of a small town in a big city as this urban district continues to grow and develop. Wheeler District is significantly important to the direction of our growing city. 

I like to think I am bringing my mix of country and city personality to the neighborhood. To encourage the natural and beneficial growth, bustle, and liveliness of a city while still being able to smile and wave at new faces walking the sidewalks. I am excited to pave the way for an inviting, bright, and accepting community within a city that I love. 

Keep your eye out for the grand opening of Lacee Smith Photography at Wheeler District this fall! The addition of my studio underlines the district’s commitment to fostering local talents, offering a unique space where families and individuals can capture their precious moments against the backdrop of the beautiful Wheeler District.

Learn more about Lacee Smith-your OKC newborn photographer! 

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