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ISR Swim Lessons OKC for Essential Safety Skills & Mechanisms

Swim lessons are vital for teaching kids to be safe around water. Even from a young age, babies can learn valuable techniques that can help them stay safe around bodies of water, including backyard pools. These three ISR swim lessons in OKC offer families valuable classes that will help encourage their little ones to learn water safety, proper swim techniques, and confidence in the water. 

3 ISR Swim Lessons in OKC for Essential Water Safety Instruction & Skills

Infant Swimming Resource

Founded in 1966, Infant Swimming Resource (also known as ISR) is a nationally-recognized provider of survival swim lessons for babies and young children, with trained instructors all over the country, including Oklahoma City. This program has over 45 years of research and development. Additionally, highly trained, certified instructors commit to every child’s safety and success. 

ISR lessons value pool fences, supervision, and pool alarms for a child’s safety – but know that accidents happen. Drowning prevention can happen when families set up their children for success in the water through adequate training and preparation. 

ISR values proven drowning prevention strategies, and over 300,000 children have graduated from this life-saving program. Infant Swimming Resource uses the Self-Rescue swimming program, which includes lessons five days per week, 10 minutes per day, for an average of 6 weeks. Parents can check out the ISR website to find an instructor near them.

A newborn baby in knit overalls sleeps on its belly isr swim lessons okc


8405 N. Rockwell Ave

Suite 1-4

Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Aqua-Tots in Oklahoma City is the only Aqua-Tots location in the state and teaches kids of all abilities from age four months through 12 years old. Lessons enable kids to grow to become safe and confident swimmers, and all lessons take place in a nicely heated indoor pool. Aqua-Tots instructors are also certified, calm, and confident, welcoming to all children. The proven Aqua-Tots curriculum has effectively taught children from all over the world. 

Instructors are patient and kind, helping first-time swimmers feel confident in the water, even if they are nervous during their first few lessons. Every lesson is fun and engaging, with songs and activities that keep kids wanting to return for more. Lessons are tailored to each age group and are easy to understand. The encouragement from the Aqua-Tots instructors helps give kids the confidence boost they need to become experienced, safe swimmers.

A newborn baby sleeps in a white onesie in a knit onesie isr swim lessons okc

Oklahoma Swim Academy

15001 Gambels Trail Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Oklahoma Swim Academy in Oklahoma City is a 100% locally and family-owned business dedicated to teaching kids of all ages a love for safe swimming. All instructors strive to build strong relationships with their students, creating an atmosphere of trust and empowerment. Furthermore, this swim school specializes in one-on-one, private lessons that push students to meet their goals through fun, engaging lessons. 

Oklahoma Swim Academy is Oklahoma’s home of swim-float-swim, with infant survival and toddler swim lessons. These programs are optimized for babies ages six months through to adults. It’s never too late to learn water safety. This is more than just a recreational swim lesson facility; this is a survival swim school where kids can learn life-saving swim techniques. 

Private swim lessons are helpful to meet each child where they are, learning at their own pace and making every child feel comfortable to learn in their own way. The swim school also donates 10% of its profits to the local community through various non-profits and individuals in need.

ISR Swim Lessons OKC

These three ISR swim lessons in OKC offer valuable resources to families through various classes to help children learn water safety. Knowing how to swim can be a life-saving ability for kids, and learning how to remain safe around bodies of water is an important skill for all children. Kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy fun, engaging classes at these three swim schools in Oklahoma City. 

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