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A newborn baby sleeps on a white bed with a floral headband thanks to little bellies okc

Experience a One-of-a-Kind Sneak Peek at Little Bellies OKC

Mysteries can be great. Reading a mystery novel or settling in for a night of high-suspense movies can be a wonderfully cozy way to spend the weekend. But sometimes, we want to know the answers without all the waiting. When you’re pregnant, you want to know all about the person growing in your belly because you simply cannot wait to meet them. If you’re looking for a way to get a one-of-a-kind sneak peek at your baby well before your due date, you should check out Little Bellies in OKC. This practice is committed to giving you a unique view while ensuring your visit is an unforgettable experience. 

About Little Bellies In OKC

7919 N May Ave

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

Since 2015, Little Bellies has specialized in creating once-in-a-lifetime moments for expectant OKC parents. The practice started out in Florida before quickly expanding across the country. As the technology advanced, so did they. They started to offer 8k realistic views that let you see almost every detail of your baby’s gorgeous face. They’ve also developed a stretch mark therapy that you can use throughout your pregnancy. The OKC center exclusively offers ultrasounds and has created bundles so you can pick your own experience. Just a heads up, the building can be a little hard to find. Look for it in Lakehurst Plaza right across from the May Avenue 7-11. 

A mother in a beige dress stands in a studio cradling her sleeping newborn baby on her chest after visiting little bellies okc


Little Bellies in OKC offers ultrasounds beginning with early pregnancy. Starting at 5 weeks, you can go in for a 15-minute 2D appointment. During this time, you’ll get to hear your baby’s heartbeat and watch them at the very beginning of their development. Your specialist will tell you your baby’s gestational size and give you your due date. They can also tell you all about their positioning. The images will be sent to your phone, and you’ll receive access to an eBook written by the center’s Chief Medical Officer. 

As you get farther along, you can book the Meet Your Baby ultrasound. This is available for clients starting at 18 weeks. You’ll get to see your baby in 3D, 4D, or 5D/HD. They’ll confirm their gender and let you listen to their heartbeat. The video and pictures will be sent to your phone. 

A newborn baby smiles in its sleep while wrapped in a cheesecloth swaddle and white bonnet


The OKC office curates a fabulous experience that starts from the moment you walk through the Little Bellies doors. The rooms are comfortable with couches where your family can join you for your appointment. You can stop by the photo walls so you can get some Insta-worthy pics with your cute bump. They also offer add-ons, including 8K realistic views and stuffed animals that feature a recording of your baby’s heartbeat.

I Know You Will Love Seeing Your Little One With Clarity At Little Bellies in OKC

At Little Bellies in OKC, you don’t have to spend your pregnancy in mystery mode. Check out this practice today so you can meet your baby! 

Once you have pictures of your baby in the womb, it’s time to plan portraits once they’re on the outside! I’m an Oklahoma City photographer, and I adore working with parents to celebrate this incredible stage. If you’ve been considering booking maternity or newborn portraits, let’s chat soon so you can decide whether I’m the photographer for you!

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