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3 Centers Providing Services for Pelvic Floor Therapy OKC!

Our bodies are extraordinary. As women, we can create life, grow a baby, and bring new life into the world – all in under a year! Sometimes, however, this phenomenon can take its toll on our bodies. After a physically traumatic event like childbirth, our pelvic floor can endure a decent amount of damage, making life more complicated and painful. Pelvic physical therapy can help you regain flexibility and strength of your pelvic floor. As a result, your body can return to its normal functioning. If you are looking for pelvic floor therapy in OKC, here are several excellent choices to help you feel like yourself again – read a little about them below! 

Three Fantastic Centers For Pelvic Floor Therapy in OKC! 

Premier Physical Therapy

Premier Physical Therapy’s mission is to provide each patient with the highest quality of care. Home to two Doctors of Physical Therapy, Kailey Stephens and Ella Moore, Premier Physical Therapy focuses on the relationship between each patient and their doctor. Conveniently, every treatment session includes one-on-one care, where the objective is that the patient feels heard, recognized, and educated. As a result, one-on-one care creates an individualized plan of care to help each patient reach their physical therapy goals. Dr. Ella Moore is the practice’s pelvic health therapist, who specializes in evaluating and treating pelvic floor dysfunctions. As a fantastic choice for pelvic floor therapy in OKC, Premier Physical Therapy is renowned for being attentive and providing exceptional customer service.

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FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers is an extensive network of independent practice owners across the United States. The local FYZICAL Oklahoma City addresses three core health deficits in and around Oklahoma. The deficits include relieving pain, restoring strength and motion, and returning each patient to optimal functioning. FYZICAL understands that pelvic health is a personal and sensitive topic. Also, you want to feel confident in your providers’ knowledge of your challenges. Specifically, their Physical Therapists have received advanced training to best treat your needs with the respect and understanding you deserve. Their pelvic therapy treatments involve phases: Phase One- Get You out of Pain; Phase Two- Improve your Flexibility and Range of Motion; Phase Three- Help you Love your Life! Consequently, this strategic programming ensures you can create a path to success, learning to stretch, strengthen, and restore your body to its former functioning capabilities.

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Vibe Pelvic Health

Sometimes, when you need care for a specific issue, finding someone who specializes in that care is a safe bet that you will be on a steady path to recovery. At Vibe Pelvic Health, Dr. Mackenzie Barnes and Dr. Kaitlyn Schiffman specialize in pelvic therapy care and pelvic rehabilitation. Additionally, they utilize approaches like manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and bladder/bowel retraining. Consequently, they address many pelvic issues and treat each patient with individualized and customized care. Regardless of your pelvic challenges, Dr. Barnes and Dr. Schiffman are ready to help you find a solution and put you on a path to recovery!

Pelvic Floor Therapy OKC

Consider pelvic floor therapy in OKC for a fantastic pelvic floor therapist who can change your life with the best one-on-one care. They help your body to recover after childbirth (or several other non-baby-related issues). Take a moment to look into the therapists above to see if one of them may be an excellent fit. As a result, they will help you get back to feeling like yourself again. Your future you will thank you! 

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