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Find the Perfect Nanny in Minutes with Premier Nanny Co. in OKC

Nannies can be total life-changers. They offer your child consistent care while establishing a relationship that will let your child feel loved and supported even when you’re not around. The only issue is that selecting a nanny can be its own full-time job. Not only do you have to sort through piles of candidates, but you also have to conduct interviews, check references, draft up paperwork, and hope that your candidate works out so you’re not back at square one. If you need a nanny but want to save yourself all the work, I’d love to introduce you to your new best friends at Premier Nanny Co. This innovative company is here to take all the hassle out of finding childcare. 

About Premier Nanny Co.

Premier Nanny Co. is a company started by Megan Bardgett, a former nanny with over 10 years of experience. During her decade of working as a childcare provider, Megan got pretty familiar with the ins and outs of the nanny business. She also saw the flaws that led to nannies being matched with the completely wrong families. She decided to revolutionize it all by creating a nanny agency that educated its nannies while finding them the perfect match. Currently, the agency services the Oklahoma City and Metropolitan Area. 

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Premier Nanny Co. offers full-time nannies, part-time nannies, special needs nannies, and live-in nannies. You start out their services by submitting an application. Then you tell them what kind of nanny you need, the hours you’ll need them, and any additional requirements you might have. Finally, you submit an application along with a placement fee, and they’ll get to work. The agency only hires nannies who have completed background and reference checks as well as have passed extensive interviews, so you can feel safe knowing you’re receiving the highest quality candidates. They’ll find the person that meets your requirements and seems to fit your family’s style. The agency offers packages that will get you backup care and replacement guarantees. They also have a service called Bring Your Own Nanny, where you present up to three candidates, and they’ll do all their signature quality checks. 

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If you just need temporary care every now and then, Premier Nanny Co. has you covered! The agency has sitters who will make scheduling date night as simple as possible. The company uses the same screening process as they use with all their full-time nannies. While you’ll receive a cheaper booking fee if you schedule over 24 hours in advance, they can supply same-day sitters. The sitters are CPR and First Aid certified. The company uses a flat rate to make sure you’re never worried about hidden fees. 

Premier Nanny

Premier Nanny Co. is here to pair you with your perfect nanny. Check out this agency today so you can have the best childcare around.

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