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Find a Midwife & OBGYN at Mercy Birthplace in Oklahoma City!

Are you on the fence about choosing between an Obstetrician or a Midwife? Or maybe you’re on the fence about a hospital delivery versus a home birth? These options are all something to explore and know if it’s right for you and your family, but choosing can still be hard. With Mercy Birthplace in Oklahoma City, you get the best of both worlds. They offer care from both Midwives and Obstetricians and a beautiful birthing space staffed with excellent and experienced care professionals. Mercy has provided the quality care mothers and children need for many years.

About Mercy Birthplace in Oklahoma City

With more than 185 years of history, thanks to an Irish woman named Catherine McAuley, Mercy Birthplace has become a community blessing. Catherine McAuley, a woman with a modest upbringing and a big heart, wanted to help Dublin’s poor women and children. Therefore, when she received an unexpected inheritance, she knew exactly how she wanted to use it. Catherine McAuley opened the first House of Mercy in Dublin in 1827. With lots of support and volunteers, she later founded Sisters of Mercy. That is the first religious order not bound to the rules of the cloister, which allowed them to be among the poor and visit their homes just as she originally intended. 

These convents grew in England and Ireland. After she passed, Sisters of Mercy made its way to the USA in places like Oklahoma City, where they have been helping families since 1986. Mercy Birthplace at 4300 W. Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, was created to be there for growing families through their childbearing experience. Mercy is there to support and promote healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and family bonding, from early pregnancy to the days and even months after your baby is born. 

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Providing family-centered services, the Mercy team attentively cares for the needs of mamas, babies, and their families. That way, they can receive the quality and supportive care that makes each burden experience positive and beautiful.

  • A comprehensive team of OB/GYNs, pediatricians, neonatologists, and other board-certified physicians providing
  • 24/7 prenatal, labor, and birthing services and postpartum care
  • Maternal-fetal medicine specialists for expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies
  • Comprehensive Care 
  • Breastfeeding and lactation support 
  • A level-III neonatal intensive care unit for specialized care for critically ill newborns
  • Childbirth classes
  • Grandparent and sibling preparation classes
  • Infant and child CPR training

A new mother in a beige dress holds her sleeping newborn baby girl with dad at her side


The multi-specialty team at Mercy birthplace works diligently around the clock to ensure quality care for Mom and baby. For added safety and assurance, they have on-site neonatal intensive care units for those unexpected moments when a baby needs extra care to thrive. 

Mercy Birthplace in Oklahoma City

By having access to Obstetricians and Midwives, the comfort of a birthing center, and the help of modern medicine if needed, you can have peace of mind for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum moments at Mercy Birthplace in Oklahoma City. You can find out more about their facility on their website.

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