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Two young sisters lay on the floor playing with their newborn baby sibling on a white blanket pediatric dentist okc

Give Your Child A Smile-Worthy Visit With a Pediatric Dentist OKC

When you picture your perfect day, the dentist’s office is likely the last thing on your mind. No offense to all the wonderful dentists out there, but there’s a reason why these appointments are the butt of countless jokes. Having your teeth poked and prodded is a pretty terrible way to spend an hour. And while adults are used to this experience, it can be overwhelming for kids going through it for the first time. Finding the right dentist for your child is one of the best ways to ensure they can have a stress-free visit that makes later appointments a piece of cake. If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in OKC for your little one, I’d love to tell you about a few spots that will make the experience great. 

3 Pediatric Dentists in OKC Dedicated to Your Little One’s Healthcare

Pediatric Dental OKC

Pediatric Dental OKC goes above and beyond to ensure your child can have a happy visit. The office provides care for children starting in infancy. Your child will receive regular preventative visits where they’ll learn about healthy habits. The dentists provide individualized care to help ease any of the normal tension. 

The office has specialty services like frenectomies, low-radiation X-rays, and thumb/tongue habit therapy. They offer different levels of sedation to help out with anxious kiddos. You can visit the office at 5940 NW Expressway Suite 200.

A mother cradles her newborn child while her toddler daughters hang on her legs pediatric dentist okc

Pediatric Dentistry of Oklahoma

Pediatric Dentistry of Oklahoma comprises three energetic dentists who understand the stress of visiting the office for the first time. They take the time to get to know your child so they can adjust their care to meet any specific needs. The staff uses state-of-the-art technology to make visits as simple as possible. 

They start out their preventative visits during infancy so your child can adjust to dental care early on. They’re very flexible about emergency dental visits and will ensure your child is seen as soon as possible. Anxious kiddos can have IV sedation or laughing gas to help them out. You can find them at 3613 NW 56th Street, Ste 105.

Two young sisters look over their sleeping newborn baby sibling in a woven basket on a bed

Small World Pediatric Dentistry P.C. 

Small World Pediatric Dentistry P.C. is a practice started by Dr. Andrew Guthrie, a dentist with years of experience. Dr. Guthrie and his team work to make every visit happy through patience and personalized care. The office has bright colors, video games, and hands-on activities. 

They work with kids and parents to establish fantastic dental habits early on. During visits, they can provide nitrous oxide so your child can relax as they receive top-tier care. Dr. Guthrie and his team reside at 3616 NW 50th Street. 

Pediatric Dentist OKC

There’s no sugar-coating how uncomfortable the dentist can be, but with the right doctor, you can have a much happier experience. With these pediatric dentists in OKC, your little one can have a smile-worthy time! 

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