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Why OU OBGYN Is Your Perfect Women’s Care Physician

If we’re being honest, finding a women’s care specialist isn’t exactly a fun task. By nature, OBGYN visits are incredibly vulnerable and uncomfortable. Plus, most women have had the experience of being completely dismissed by their doctors. It’s not uncommon to go to a provider with serious symptoms just to be told it’s all in our head or that maybe we just need to lose some weight. It can be absolutely infuriating, and it can make finding a new provider feel like an impossible endeavor. Nonetheless, having a women’s care physician you trust is one of the most important things you can do for your health. If you’ve been looking for a new Oklahoma City doctor but have no idea where to start, I would love to tell you all about the OU OBGYN department. This group of experts is dedicated to giving you personalized care that will make you feel like a priority. 


825 NE 10th, 5D, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104

OU Health provides care for families across the entire Oklahoma region. While most of their centers are located within Oklahoma City and Tulsa, you’ll find locations across the state. The center was founded in association with the University of Oklahoma. The hospitals take an academic approach to evidence-based care, meaning they’re constantly exploring so they can deliver the best healthcare possible. They offer several research centers, such as the OU Health Sciences Center, the OU College of Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and the OU-TU School of Community Medicine. They also have specialty centers such as the OU Children’s Hospital, the Stephenson Cancer Center, and the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center.

OU is dedicated to keeping healthcare accessible to the entire community. They’ve worked to create the first integrated, comprehensive healthcare system in the state. This gives them the chance to invest in research for better outcomes while creating a comprehensive path of care. Because the specialists work closely together, they can collaborate regarding the best course of treatment for each individual case. They’re also constantly growing their team so they can attract the best physicians. OU currently employs 11,000 employees, including over 1,300 physicians and advanced specialists. They prioritize spiritual care for those who want it and have chaplains on call 24/7. 

Their OU OBGYN department features doctors and maternal-fetal medicine specialists. The team performs most of their deliveries out of the Mother & Baby Department at the OU Children’s Hospital. Their primary care center is within the NE 10th location in OKC, but you can find additional providers in Tulsa. The center accepts almost every local and national health insurance plan. 

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The OU OBGYN department provides a comfortable space for all your regular appointments. You’ll have a physician who can perform pap smears, assist with contraceptive counseling and management, and schedule breast exams. The providers will also be there for any specialty care you might need. If you receive abnormal pap smear results, they’ll review these with you and help you find the best course of treatment. They can also assist with issues including heavy or irregular periods, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, gynecological cancers, and symptoms of menopause. 

If you need more advanced care, the team at OU has you covered. They offer treatments and surgeries to improve your health. You’ll find genetic counseling that can look at potential hereditary factors and determine how to best protect yourself. The department has access to a lab, so they can easily conduct any necessary bloodwork on-site. Their hysteroscopy procedure has assisted women in getting a clearer understanding of the health of their uterus. If you suffer from incontinence, the center can offer urogynecology to help you find solutions. They also offer minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, reproductive medicine, and vaccinations. 

The department has a designated Breast Health Network that will assist with regular check-ups. This program offers mammograms, imaging services, cancer screenings, and help with other breast-related issues.  

A mother in a floral dress stands in a window of a studio smiling down at the bump in her hands thanks to ou obgyn


Throughout your pregnancy, the team at OU OBGYN will offer you exceptional care so you can stay in the best health. The providers are passionate about helping you feel educated during every part of your pregnancy. Throughout your appointments, your provider will check on your pregnancy’s progression and answer any concerns you might have. If you’re currently facing a moderate- or high-risk pregnancy, you can work with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist who will examine risk factors, perform regular screenings, and make sure you feel confident in your current care. All ultrasounds and lab work can be completed on location. 

The OU Baby & Mother Department offers a space where you can have the delivery that’s right for you. If you’ve always dreamt of an unmedicated birth, the center offers large birthing tubs and private rooms that let you get through labor however works for you. The hospital has become a favorite amongst parents because of their willingness to assist with VBACs. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you’ll have access to maternal-fetal medicine specialists throughout your entire delivery, as well as a Level IV NICU that will give your baby the best around-the-clock care. The center is a certified baby-friendly hospital. They’ll give you all the tools you need to find success breastfeeding, and your baby will remain in your room at nearly all times. 

Following your delivery, your OBGYN will provide consistent postpartum care. While they’ll check on your physical recovery, they’ll also check up on you emotionally so they can help you with any potential postpartum mood disorders. 


With the OU OBGYN team, you’ll have exceptional care at any stage of life. Check out the department today so you can have healthcare that works for you. 

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