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Getting Started Right with Oklahoma City Parenting Classes

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. You might have listened to all the podcasts and read all the books, but you’re still going to reach those moments of sheer panic where you simply don’t know what to do. One of the best things you can do to feel equipped for those moments is to enroll in a parenting class taught by an expert who will give you all the guidance you need. Whether you’re wanting to feel prepared for your childbirth or need to know the best way to raise a great human, here are the best Oklahoma City parenting classes.

Step Into Your New Role With Confidence Thanks To These Oklahoma City Parenting Classes 

Sunbeam Family Services

1100 NW 14th Street 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106

Sunbeam Family Services offers 12-week courses on Nurturing Parent Skills. These courses are meant for all ages, including parents of teenagers, parents of kids with special needs, and grandparents who are raising their grandkids. You’ll learn how to establish healthy routines, find effective yet gentle forms of discipline, how to empathize with their complicated feelings, and how to give and receive healthy touch. 

Parenting Community Education Program | Chickasaw Nation

1100 Colony Drive 

Ada, Oklahoma 74820

The Parenting Community Education Program was founded by the National Indian Child Welfare Association. While the physical location is in Ada, there are virtual options for people all across Oklahoma. The classes are taught by a certified instructor who will teach you all about positive parenting and nurturing behaviors.

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Simple Birth Education

Simple Birth Education seeks to make parenting classes accessible to every family. They offer both private, in-home classes as well as group courses. These classes help you feel prepared for childbirth. You’ll learn about the different stages of delivery, how to handle the pains of childbirth, what to expect during your postpartum recovery and more. 

Sooner State Doula

Sooner State Doula is a birth professional service started by Miranda Jones, one of the doulas at Simple Birth Education. While she offers classes through Simple Birth, she also offers her own private and group sessions through Sooner State. She offers a four-week course that will make you feel empowered throughout your delivery. You can also sign up for lactation classes that will get you ready for those early feedings. 

A mother cradles her infant daughter on her hip while touching foreheads in a studio after some oklahoma city parenting classes

Beautifully Connected Wellness

3916 NW 36th Street

Suite 500 

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Beautifully Connected Wellness is a center that’s here to help you see through the information all over the internet so you can actually have the facts you need for your pregnancy. The course is an interactive private class that walks you through hospital protocol, safety throughout labor and birth, methods for coping with the pain, and more. 

Miller Birth Services

If you’re planning on a water delivery, you will adore Miller Birth Services! Jen Miller offers both private and group hypnobirthing classes. During these, you’ll spend about five weeks learning how you can use water to power you throughout labor. She also offers Dancing for Birth classes so you can stay active as you prepare for your baby. 

Oklahoma City Parenting Classes

By enrolling in a parenting class, you’ll have all the preparation you need to be the best parent possible! Check out these Oklahoma City parenting classes today for fantastic guidance.

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