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The Ultimate Guide for Using Cloth Diapers in OKC

Cloth diapers can be a parent’s best friend. They’re sustainable and cost-efficient, plus they can lead to additional, unexpected benefits. Not only do they tend to lead to less diaper rash, but many parents have observed that cloth-diapered babies are easier to potty train because they have a better sense of when they have an accident. The only issue is that there can be a bit of a learning curve. Thankfully, there are a few local places dedicated to making it a breeze! If you’ve been considering whether cloth diapering is for you, I’d love to give you my comprehensive guide on cloth diapers in OKC

Learning How to Use Cloth Diapers in OKC

Cloth Diaper Basics Class – Jenni Jenkins OKC Doula

If you’ve never used a cloth diaper, there can be a lot to figure out. Between the liners, covers, and different brands, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra help. That’s where Jenni Jenkins comes in. Jenni is an experienced doula as well as a mom who has spent the past 7 years cloth-diapering her own babies. She’ll join you at your home and teach you all the basics. You’ll learn the benefits of cloth diapering, where to get your diapers, how to decide on brands, how to choose the right size, how to wash and dry in a way that maximizes your diapers’ lifespan, and how to cloth diaper even when you’re not at home. By the end, you’ll feel totally ready to stock up and get started. Speaking of, let’s talk about where to go for your supply. 

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Where to Get Cloth Diapers in OKC

Natural Okie Baby

2001 S Broadway Ave. Moore, Oklahoma 73160

Natural Okie Baby has two booths set up in the Showplace Market and brings you some of the latest and greatest in diaper designs. You can find adorable creations from Itzy Ritzy, Thirsties, and Smart Bottoms. Plus, they offer teethers, blankets, and wet bags. 

Max Mamas

2214 Tecumseh Drive, Norman, Oklahoma 73069

Max Mamas is the spot to go to stock up on all your basics. The shop carries an assortment of brands, including Thirsties, Esembly, KangaCare, and GroVia. You can buy matching liners, diaper creams, cotton wipes, wet bags, laundry detergent, play pads, pail deodorant, and more. Max Mamas gives you the chance to create your registry right on the website so your shower guests can make sure you have all the necessities before your baby arrives. 

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Cloth Diapers Delivery Services Just Outside of OKC

Over the Moon Cloth Diaper Service

Okay, so maybe you don’t have time for all the added laundry. With Over the Moon Cloth Diaper Service, you don’t have to! This innovative company is located just outside of the city and makes cloth diapers just as convenient as disposable ones. No, really! Here’s how it works. You’ll sign up for the subscription that works best for you. They’ll drop off the clean cloth diapers at your door and pick up the dirty ones; no pre-washing is required. They use an industrial washing process to clean and sanitize your diapers without harsh chemicals so that you can keep your baby’s skin feeling its best.

Thanks For Stopping By My Ultimate Guide To Cloth Diapers In OKC

Cloth diapers might seem daunting, but trust me. You’ve got this! With these services for OKC cloth diapers, you’ll have all the help you need to get started! 

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