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Explore the Best Oklahoma City Preschools for Your Little One

For most kids, starting preschool is a pretty major milestone. This might just be their first chance to step into a structured learning center. The environment of the school you choose will set the tone for their future educational journey. Not only do you want it to be safe and nurturing, but you also need good teachers who will build up your child’s strengths and demonstrate that learning can actually be fun. Since you know your child the best, this is your chance to explore different preschools until you find the place where you’re certain your child will thrive. If you’re currently searching for the best Oklahoma City preschools, I would love to highlight some and tell you everything you need to know so you can figure out if it’s the perfect school for your little one. 

4 Highest-Rated Oklahoma City Preschools For Your Little One

Primrose School of Southwest Oklahoma City 

1520 SW 119th 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170

Primrose School of Southwest Oklahoma City is part of a national chain of preschools devoted to giving children a fantastic start on their education. The schools were established in 1982 in Marietta, Georgia. From the beginning, their goal was to offer children a balanced education. They studied different philosophies so they could develop a curriculum that challenged students while praising them every step of the way. 

Primrose School offers programs for children starting in infancy and going all the way up to after-school care. From the very beginning, your child will be placed in a rich atmosphere where they’re encouraged to explore. Their preschool program starts at the age of 2, where your child will start learning all the basics, such as language, literacy, social development, and math. They’ll also start participating in STEAM-based programs at this time. As your child progresses, they’ll be given a more advanced curriculum guaranteed to keep their minds growing! The center places a big priority on physical activity so your child can stay healthy. 

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Rylyn ChildCare

Liddle Kiddles

1205 SW 25th Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73109

God’s Little Treasures 

8007 NW 89th Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132

Rylyn Childcare offers several Oklahoma City preschool locations where your child can learn and play. Each center became individually named while still falling under the Rylyn umbrella. The schools started by parents Richard and Joan Day, with the importance of finding a trustworthy childcare center. In fact, they sent their own kids to Liddle Kiddles before taking over the center! The name Rylyn comes from the names of the Day’s children, Ryan and Lynn. Joan and Richard ensure every space is one where they would feel comfortable enrolling their own family. 

The preschool center focuses on getting your child ready for elementary. Your child will have a daily routine so they can fall into a rhythm before kindergarten. The preschool classes teach letter recognition, mathematical concepts, science, and social and emotional skills. In addition, your child will work on developing their fine and gross motor skills. The school has an outdoor playground where your child can explore while getting in plenty of physical activity.

EDM Owl’s Academy

45 NE 50

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

EDM Owl’s Academy is a center operated by Ms. Eva Burris, a childcare expert with over 20 years of experience. The name means Education Does Matter, and every day is a reflection of this. The Oklahoma City preschool strives to be an accessible space for kids of all income levels. They offer private pay and subsidiaries, and they’re willing to work unconventional hours to make sure you have the help you need, no matter your schedule. They understand the privilege that comes with teaching your child, and they work to serve as your partner in their education. Your child will have a nurturing space where they can learn with absolute confidence. 

The center accepts children ages 1-6. Every age receives age-appropriate lessons that will prepare them for the next level of learning. When your child reaches the preschool stage, they’ll start working on skills that will set them up for success in kindergarten. On top of the top-notch education, your child will receive hot meals and nourishing snacks, as well as plenty of outdoor time. 

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Village Montessori

2812 W. Britton Road

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

Village Montessori is an Oklahoma City preschool center that was started in 1954. The creator, Mozelle Houser, gathered together 18 neighborhood children to give them a safe space where they could play, color, and learn. Truly, it was a center created for the village. Over time, the school evolved. It gained its own building in 1957 and started out with the Montessori method in 1962. The school has since expanded to feature over 120 children ages 18 months-kindergarten. 

For preschool, your child studies in a prepared environment that’s been completely curated to stimulate their minds. Your child will get the freedom to walk around, explore, and find the things that excite them. The school uses natural time frames to help them grow when their mind is the most ready. They also learn practical life skills that will help them develop not only a sense of independence but also their fine motor skills. Your child will participate in hands-on activities that will increase their language skills as well as their knowledge of mathematics. But by the end of your child’s time at Village Montessori, they feel confident in their education and fully prepared for kindergarten. 

Oklahoma City Preschools

Having to pick a preschool for your child can be a pretty daunting decision, but no one can match your child with the perfect school quite like yourself. With these four Oklahoma City preschools, your little students will have an incredible space where they can fall in love with learning. 

If you’re looking for the best way to celebrate this milestone, I would love to connect! As a mom myself, I know how chaotic these early years can be. It feels like you’re rushing from day to day only to realize how quickly your baby is growing up. That’s why I love working with parents to plan dreamy photo sessions that let them freeze time and have genuine memories of these precious years. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, let’s chat so you can decide whether I’m the photographer for you. So contact me today!

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