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A newborn baby sleeps in knit overalls on a white bed in a studio thanks to ou children's hospital

Experience The Comfort & Care Of OU Children’s Hospital

When you’re creating your birth plan, one of the biggest decisions you can make is where you deliver. Not only does this determine the atmosphere for your labor, but it also determines the tools and professionals you’ll have available should you need them. If you’ve been considering a hospital birth, I would love to tell you all about the birthing center at the OU Children’s Hospital. This comfortable space offers care customized to your personal needs. 

About OU Children’s Hospital

1200 Children’s Ave

Suite 5J and 5K

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104

The Mother & Baby unit at Children’s Hospital is a service offered through OU Health, a nationally accredited baby-friendly hospital. The center is devoted to making your care as simple as possible. They offer multidisciplinary specialists who will ensure you have all the care you need within one convenient location. The center offers a team of dedicated maternal-fetal medicine specialists, OB-GYNs, and certified nurse midwives who practice at several locations across Oklahoma City and Tulsa, so you’re never too far away from exceptional care. OU Health serves the entire Oklahoma region. 

A mother in a white dress sits in a chair in a studio holding her sleeping newborn baby after using ou children's hospital


From the very beginning of pregnancy, you’ll begin to receive prenatal care at one of the center’s clinic locations. All your ultrasounds and lab work will be completed in this space. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you’ll begin receiving specialty care within the OU Children’s Hospital. 

As you near your due date, your physician will tell you everything you need to know about your upcoming delivery at the hospital. You can also enroll in childbirth classes through the center, which will make sure you feel fully prepared. The birthing center offers sixteen private labor and delivery rooms. Here, they’re dedicated to giving you the birth experience you’ve always wanted. If you’d prefer to use hydrotherapy, the rooms have large tubs to provide a natural form of pain relief. Your team will be willing to assist in a VBAC if they determine this will be a safe option for your family. 

As a baby-friendly hospital, the center will prioritize lactation support. Your baby will stay by your side throughout most of your stay, and all care will happen within the mother-baby units. The team will work to ensure you feel properly educated for the moment when it’s time to bring your baby home. 

A newborn baby wearing white knit overalls sleeps on a bed on its belly


If your baby needs a little extra help, the OU Children’s Hospital offers a Level IV NICU. There are maternal-fetal medicine specialists who staff the hospital at all times to give you around-the-clock advanced care. If you are unable to be by your baby’s side, you can check out the NICVIEW, where a camera feed will let you keep an eye on your baby.

OU Children’s Hospital

At the OU Children’s Hospital Mother & Baby Unit, you’ll have fantastic care for your delivery. Check them out today so you can have the birthing center that’s best for you. 

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